Indo Firsthand

For all of our readers who are looking to read a firsthand perspective of an ACYPL program, we occasionally get delegates who are diligent about blogging every day. Besides being a great way to force yourself to write something daily, it’s also makes for a fantastic record of the trip for friends and family as well as a good way to keep the memories of the trip in the weeks and months after you return.

The Legislative Fellows and ACYPL staff.

Recently, we concluded our first LFP program. The idea was basically that young delegates aged 25-40 from all over Southeast Asia would travel to the United States for extended visits (approximately a month). We placed them in fellowships with our alumni throughout the country where they had the chance to observe American government at the local level and learn about what it’s like to be an elected official in the American political system.

In return for their time and dedication, we sent the alumni hosts to Asia so that they could reconnect with the fellows and discuss their implementation of the lessons they learned here in America. The hosts traveled to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, meeting up with their old friends and recording the experience via photos, video, and blogs. One such blog is Follow Us To Indonesia, a day-by-day account of the program as it traveled through Jakarta and points elsewhere. Definitely worth a read for the firsthand account it gives of the delegates as they travel and meet with various officials and experts and take in the local culture.

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